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Retaliating resurrection

You left me on the far side of the moon
And it took everything to find my way back to the sun.
I'd like to think it was for my own good,
But I'm not sure.
Thoughts spin around my mind
And I wonder crazy things...
Has anyone ever asked why
All the planets are round?
Even the moon is,
The one you left me by,
And I wish it would fall on me.
But falling is a story we cling to
Because we were meant to go up, 
Up to the stars and dance around
As if we owned this place .
No one ever tells you that you really do.
So I'll wait here by the sun's tombstone
And hope for night and the rising of the moon.
I'll wish for you to show up like you used to do
When you were the only one I could depend upon,
Until I couldn't anymore. 
But maybe there's a chance to light the moon,
And like a match find a few stars to dance with us.
You know the number,
The hopscotch of yesterday.
But I digress,  I imagine you've forgotten,
And are totally caught up in this human story.
It seems you've sacrificed it all on the pirate plank of sensuality,
Which long ago was dropped in the ocean and eaten by sharks.
Truly you are at the alter of conformity like everyone else,
And I am here waiting for resurrection.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash
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