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Cracker Jacks and Emeralds

This girl received a treasured gift wrapped neatly in a small box. Her king, aptly named Hero, had searched the kingdom and chose to give to his princess emerald earrings. It demonstrated profoundly how much he loved her, but he never knew how much he impacted her with this gift. Hero never gave her that kind of gift again.

He forgot. She forgot.

She left Hero’s kingdom on a blue-sky day and galavanted across the countryside to other lands. Succumbing to the perils of life outside the kingdom. Her noble thoughts tumbled down to peasant girl ideals. The belief of becoming a queen fell from her mind like a rock dropped off of a cliff. 

Charlatans came with their shallow sentiments and Cracker Jack rings wooing her into their three-ring circus nightmares. She joined them and played the parts then fell apart. They didn’t give a damn she was broken.

Then one night she got the grim news Hero had left the kingdom for good. Sorrow gripped her heart like an eagle’s talons in prey. She had no idea how to live on until she heard the whispers on the wind. Hero’s voice floated on her thoughts compelling her to go back to the kingdom. He said it was time for her to take her seat at the throne where she always belonged.

So she did. This girl found those forgotten emerald earrings and put them on, threw the rings away and danced on Cracker Jacks.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
Photo by Jared Subia on Unsplash
Published inShe's Cosmic

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