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October ’23

The King’s lane

I’d like to walk on water But rather find my life play out Like some Stephen King novel Obstructed and skewed Laughable like a clown Dire and decimated Incinerated Someone show me the boogeyman So I can see what haunts me Then let’s walk…

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Hollow litany

Come along angels Sweep away the bad energy The heat and flies of yesteryear Reminiscent of Amityville Bring the holy to the unholy The cool breezes of today Where the purity of love Can reach today Before it is contaminated By tomorrows Exorcist stories…

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Haunting clowns and you

Somewhere lost I listened to an old song An epic tale of clowns And somehow sending them in To redeem the situation But you forgot to hold my hand And now the clowns Haunt my night visions Bliss has fallen to terror Because I…

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Gutter devil

Wish you loved me More than your sin, The kind talked about In some old Bible That I’d like to burn. It talked about sinners, Devils and saints, Angels on occasion, Everyone warring it out, Like you’ve done with me. Where is the burn…

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