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Imaginary to reality

She wanted to go back to capture the essence of just being. It was easy as a little girl to play and just not give a damn. Adventure and another friend were always around the corner. Always.

Everything seemed hard now. Life was nothing more than a daunting task. The voices from the outside world demanding who to be, what to do, where to go, when to do it, yelling, “Grow up!”

Her only reply, “Why?”

She was wishing for days of simplicity like a field of flowers she could run through, when her soul skipped across space and time, thoughts rushing in. She could do it again, she could play. Life could be something like it once was. It truly was time to imagine until it became reality.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
From the She's Cosmic & Slightly Sassy writings
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
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  1. I loved this and so identify with it too! Bellissimo! 😊💖🌹

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