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Bygone Poetry

Christmas peace

For a momentStop the hustle and bustleTake a deep breathAnd let it goWith all your worriesPicture in your mindAll that is goodThink on these thingsAnd be thankfulOver and over againLook to the starsTo guide youTo the placeOf appreciationFor simple giftsWrap your heartWith compassionFor someone…

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Weeping winds come to me They cry of an empty space in a heart Deep, cold and lonely Such sad pain in a chosen soul I cry too, and sorrow floods hope Even so, hope does not drown The winds thank me as a…

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Frozen diamonds

The night air was colder than cold But even so I stepped outside Walking into the moonlight Shadows danced frigidly before me My wishes fluttered through the wind My feet stepped gently on the snow Then I saw what only a dream could give…

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Drink the wind

Away with the sun A shadow relentlessly goes I breathe air in and out ‘Tis love I have for nature Precious seeds of life A raindrop kisses my lips Away with the moon A shadow relentlessly goes I seek the sky for lost dreams…

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