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What’s Here?

Welcome wanderer!

You’ve stumbled upon my space for self-expression in this non compos mentis world, and you might be wondering what you’ll find here.

Poetry has been my posting mainstay for a long time, but as I move forward I’m going to be integrating flash fiction, artistic endeavors, my own definition of word wizardry and whatever else strikes my fancy.

I’m rather rebellious at heart, so I don’t adhere to rules. Consequently, you will find things around here far from perfect, and even further from writer ideologies. Simply being wild and free is my endgame. I also wonder a great deal, question everything and my thoughts run amok. I navigate back and forth from dark to light as I explore avenues of expression. If you stick around long enough you will probably be perplexed, because it’s constant evolution with the good, the bad and the ugly. William Cowper said it best in his poem, The Task, in 1785: “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” You have been forewarned, spice is the dice tossed on the table here.

I doubt there’s anything else you need to know, because if I gave you any further details you might try to put me in a box you can identify the contents of, e.g. labels, value, etc. I refuse to be defined, and so should you. Just sayin’.

Don’t hesitate to give me a shout…. and always wonder furiously, ❥Loly Rinn

P.S. I write different things wherever I am, so click the follow button across all my platforms. See you around! ☺︎

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