Loly Rinn

She’s Cosmic

Fickle scribbling from a girl’s life. Bouncing from one thought to another on a whim, these are the She’s Cosmic & Slightly Sassy writings. ❥Loly Rinn

What is “It”?

She remembered when a teacher would call out names followed by students answering, “Here!” “What is here?” she questioned in her mind. Thoughts were racing around like Indy cars scheming up all kinds of negative scenarios. “The insanity of it all,” she muttered. As…

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Cracker Jacks and Emeralds

This girl received a treasured gift wrapped neatly in a small box. Her king, aptly named Hero, had searched the kingdom and chose to give to his princess emerald earrings. It demonstrated profoundly how much he loved her, but he never knew how much…

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Dancing eyes

She flipped through pages and pages of photos of a little girl with dancing eyes and a glowing smile. Almost every photo of the girl revealed the same happiness. It was something she desperately longed for herself, unconditional happiness. She could see through the…

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Acting for a bunch of fools

She was never content. She played the roles the “authorities” required but she never felt like she was herself. She kept acting on a stage for a bunch of fools who paid a meager fee to see her perform. They never understood she was…

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