Loly Rinn

Latest Poetry

Your city

Walk across my soulLike burning coalsLay me down like a doormatOr toss me off your bridge like a catI know the intents of your heartEvery nuance from the startYou wrote the story with your liesAnd the places I wish to dieSome gravestone beckons meThe…

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I want to lay down next to you, And forget this world exists. I want to be in your presence and feel your soul, Forget the cards played yesterday, And ask the dealer for a new hand. I imagine sometimes another time and place…

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Whirlwind you

I wish you could hold me and tell me it was going to be okay, But then I remember, You left like the wind blowing through the trees. Touching and loving, Dancing and laughing, Caressing and communing, And then dissipating Like the wind always…

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