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The King’s lane

I'd like to walk on water
But rather find my life play out
Like some Stephen King novel
Obstructed and skewed
Laughable like a clown
Dire and decimated
Someone show me the boogeyman
So I can see what haunts me
Then let's walk around and see if it bleeds
Yeah, I've got needful things
And wish for other things
Like a firestarter for my fire
But I rove and rant
I commiserate with my own misery
My life could be a movie
If the King hadn't written it first
I'm undone
Shaken by the stars following
Or maybe it's cuz they're shining
I walk the road of life
But only find a green mile
This is some kind of semetary
Where all my dead pets lay
I'm simply an outsider trying to fit in
With more than one Billy in my history
And I can only wish it was summer
When the corn is chest high 
And children escape to a field maze
I've got desperation written on my forehead
Needful things are waiting for me
But my insomnia begs for revival
And I'm lost between the dead zone
And different seasons
I could you see you later
But now seems like a fairy tale
And I do like a good tale
I could like a Cujo ending to my story
But back in 1922 I wrote something different
As an expected end
To be at the mercy of doctor sleep
Never knowing if I'd find
The joyland where I stand
So I send my adieu to the King
This is my story akin to a game
Gerald's perhaps

© 2023 Loly Rinn
The October '23 Dark Writings
Photo by Georgi Kalaydzhiev on Unsplash
Published inOctober '23

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