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Haunting clowns and you

Somewhere lost
I listened to an old song
An epic tale of clowns
And somehow sending them in
To redeem the situation
But you forgot to hold my hand
And now the clowns
Haunt my night visions

Bliss has fallen to terror 
Because I was forgotten
I'm asking where are the clowns
When no one is there
Not even you
My heart was the song
And I thought you'd want what I want
But I guess I was wrong 

Now the clowns haunt me
From here to forever after
Because I lost you in the cemetery
Where the clowns are dwelling
And aren't we a pair
Falling into the grave
When we should have been
On the mountain of bliss

But I'll open a door
Knowing the one that I want is you
Sure of my love
Still no one is there
Maybe quick
Send in the clowns to laugh
Or loathe what I perceive
You are no where to be seen

What a surprise cliche
The rich queerness of living
When the clowns are gone 
And found only in the death
Of the beloved us
Don't ever bother 
Sending them in
They are here haunting me

© 2023 Loly Rinn
The October '23 Dark Writings
Photo by Cristiano Firmani on Unsplash
Published inOctober '23

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