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Gutter devil

Wish you loved me
More than your sin,
The kind talked about
In some old Bible
That I'd like to burn.

It talked about sinners, 
Devils and saints, 
Angels on occasion,
Everyone warring it out,
Like you've done with me.

Where is the burn pile?
Because I'd like to throw
Your existential sentiment
Scalding my soul
Into the hell fryer.

The way you are
Seems innocent at best,
But now I know better 
Of the bellowing calf
You branded in spring.

Thus the fool, me or you,
I'll never know.
You should have thought
Of capturing fireflies
To light up the dark for us.

Oh my fool, here's the rain,
The storm is passing,
But I'll never wish for you again
Under a rainbow 
That dropped the sky on me.

This is my song in the gutter
On the street you walk.
Just keep going forward
And forget I was ever here
In your existence. 

© 2023 Loly Rinn 
The October '23 Dark Writings
Photo by Vitaliy Shevchenko on Unsplash
Published inOctober '23

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