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Hell wonder

I wonder why some people
End up hurting so bad,
And destroy what is good
In a matter of seconds like a feral hog.

I wonder why they mock and toss out
The only heaven they know,
And possess the qualities of a demon
Truly made manifest.

I wonder why they shovel their hell
Onto the only one who cares, 
Then believe they are justified,
And demand, "Just get over it!"

I wonder why they choose
To ignore the harmony playing,
Skip the melodies of joy,
And dance to dirges instead.

I wonder why they curse blessings
And cause damages like an old cartoon,
Something akin to the Tasmanian devil
Destroying the best in a whirlwind.

I wonder why they dump hell on an angel
With their degrading mentality,
Then expect unity and collaboration
As if nothing ever went wrong.

This is my hell wonder.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
The October '23 Dark Writings 
Photo by hmm 001 on Unsplash
Published inOctober '23

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