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Sugar finery

THEY tell me to quit eating sugar,
So should you.
Don't eat or drink this or that,
Or those other things. 
Don't get tattooed, pierced
Or color your hair like the rainbow,
Because you're going to be judged for that.
Don't wear "those" clothes,
Or hang out with the wrong people,
You know those kind that are derelicts.

Whoever THEY are just keep going 
On and on and on....
THEY say don't believe like "them"
Or you'll go to hell,
But I think I'm already there.
Yet, THEY keep writing rules -
Who to be, what to do,
How to act, what to believe.
Don't you dare think for yourself.

THEY write over everything
I consume with my senses,
And yours.
You've got to conform to this or....
So THEY tell me, you're going to drive us to hell, 
But I'm already there.

What THEY don't know is that
Those fatalistic pursuits will expire,
And no one will escape becoming
Either dirt in the ground or dust in the wind.
So I'll take my "bad" with the good,
Living like hell until I find heaven.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
Photo by Fredrik Ivansson on Unsplash
Published inLatest Poetry

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