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The fallen dreamer and the girl

Did it ever occur to you I had to be a dreamer?
And I needed you to be a giant slayer of a dreamer
To show me how to do it when I got to where you were.

I really wish it would have behooved you 
To lend me your genius too.
You could have taught me everything you know and then some.
Because you never know, 
Together we could have been a force to reckon with,
Or maybe we could have just laughed our heads off
At our crazy inventions and bizarre ideas.  

No matter what, 
It would have been fine if we had recognized....
The gold.
The gold in each other before the sands of time ran out....
For you.

I also want to ask when you stopped being an adventurer.
When did you park that epic part of your soul in a garage and leave it?
Because I've done the same, and I want to rescue it before it's too late.
Is it possible for you to tell me?

And I wonder why you started playing the world's games
By following all of its rules?
There is another way I'm sure,
But I don't know how to discover it without you.

I do question if you had to go or if you chose to.
Sometimes I cry because I don't know why....
Why didn't I matter enough for you find a way to stay?

And do you know what else?
There's been a lot of dragons since you left
And the battles have been hard.
There were comrades for awhile but they've gone now.
They forgot like all good people like to do.
But I'm still fighting against the dragon of grief.
So could you possibly help me?
From wherever you are.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash
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