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Climb, when no one is looking

“For the love of God, girl, get down!”

She lost count of how many times someone yelled, “Get down!” She hit the ground running determined to climb mountains. Even if, for the time being, it was only a chair to a table. Practice had to begin; the mountains were waiting. Someday she was going to plant her flag on the highest mountain peak she could climb and tell the world, “I was here!” She was made for adventure.

Now if she could just get a few narrow-minded people out of the way, she’d be home free, and that is exactly when the the secret training began.

She climbed when no one was looking, and the world was hers for the taking.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
From the She's Cosmic & Slightly Sassy writings
Photo by Andreas Gäbler on Unsplash
Published inShe's Cosmic

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