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This girl

This girl. She came flying into this world like a kamikaze pilot determined to die. Unfortunately or fortunately, she was intercepted by an enemy force who left her with a scar to prove it. She lived.

This is how her life began. I’m sure she was wondering what the hell she was doing here, because she cried incessantly for the first year of her life. No one would have blamed anyone for being driven to insanity, or wishing for the second coming of Christ. This girl made it anyway.

And make it she did, like a firecracker fresh out of some Chinese factory dancing around and throwing sparks everywhere. Some people insisted she stop her shenanigans, or more truthfully said, “Stop your shit, girl!”

If she would have had the vocabulary, she would have replied, “Hell no!”

It would have been an impressive beginning for rebellion.

© 2023 Loly Rinn
From the She's Cosmic & Slightly Sassy writings
Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash
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