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Wishing backwards

I want to hold you
Feel you close
Sit in your presence
And your ways
Hear your voice
See your eyes
Touch your being
Be near


Live you, live me
See the sun
Dance under the moon 
Laugh in the shadows

This and more

We could take a walk on the wild side
Run our mouths off
And ask the universe
A gamut of questions
While we skip rocks across water
Sharing our dreams
And all the past disasters

We could attempt to levitate
Or walk on water
Or swim in an ocean
Maybe just pretend we're astronauts
Dancing on the stars
To escape this hell

We could buy a drink or two
And find heaven
Rock the world
Rock the night
Sing off key
Dance the night away
And wake up in the morning
Feeling like superheroes
Ready to conquer the day
Or at the very least
That first cup of coffee

We could talk until the noonday sun
Then walk the fields of yesteryear
Clover and alfalfa

You know
Things like that

And trek till dusk
With the setting sun
Where we'd find today done
And tomorrow just beginning

And maybe we'd finally know something 

That we've got gold in each other 
And it's here to stay

If you just could come back

Β© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash
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  1. Wonderful poem!! So loved the thoughts and message and the way it reached out to me!! Great to see you posting, My Dear!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŒΉ

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