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Scared dreamer

You're thinking of ghosts from the past
The hauntings from decades ago
You're evading the dreams of today 
Because of yesterday

You even worry about the sky falling
Like a nursery rhyme once spoke of 
It's all together foolishness to miss out
On the greatest desires of your heart

You're marching away to a grave
Shuffling and bluffing you like it
For god's sake, fight the fight
Pick up your feet, kick a rock

Don't miss the dream
Don't skip or bow out
Don't march yourself to a grave
Because death isn't really a friend

Don't you know you can't do 
What you 're supposed to do 
Behind a wall of dirt
Come on, dreamer

Do it, fight past the senseless rhetoric
Playing in your mind
Don't go sliding into the hell hole
Climb, I've got your hand

I'm scared too
But dreamers know
Being scared doesn't mean give up
Scared means you've got something

And it's worth fighting for
You've got to do it or die trying
'Cause nobody else is going to 
They're too busy sliding into the grave

My scared dreamer
Don't you dare do what they do
Come with me to tomorrow
Scared and all, we got this

And tomorrow the dreams will come true
Then you'll know those fears 
Were nothing but paper tigers all along
You were always a dragon, not a deer, my dear

© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash
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