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Do something

Free your love like wild horses 
Stampeding across my soul

Do something besides nothing
Because I've had nothing
And so I've looked for something

I thought you were the one
But maybe I made a mistake
Trusting this interruption 
To this blatant repetition 

I want to throw you away
So you should do something

Show me more than anyone ever has
Like what I mean to the story of your life
Write me on the script of your heart

Because it won't matter when I'm gone
When I'm out of your sight and mind
Forever gone from you

Unless you do something

You think I'll just be here
No matter what you do
Whether you do something or nothing

That's your mistake

This chance encounter is so profound
But even If you put a label on it 
Or declare some fantastic definition of it

It won't matter

I won't stay if you don't share your heart
Because I think the sky gives more than you
The trees whisper more than you say 

But you do nothing

This nonchalant rhetoric 
I've experienced a thousand times
I'm done 
Over this humanness

Show me you're from another world 
Do more than you should
Blow my mind
To escape this reality and save us

Do something

© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Alecu Gabriel on Unsplash
Published inLatest Poetry

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