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Puzzling invitation

Today I'll wish for the arrival of the Grim Reaper
Though there won't be a soul who know this,
But there are a lot of us who wish like this
Because no one knows the secrets of our hearts
Or how we struggle to survive on this planet.

It's foreign.

Because I couldn't care less 
About accolades,
Or titles
Or legacies
Or money
Or fame
Or a trip
Or a car
Or a house
I don't care about any of it,
The dream is to live beyond this.

All of it.

I want to go
To the places no one goes.
I want to feel it all out there.
I want to touch the spirit who left me,
And dance on the graves of yesteryear
So I can laugh at the clouds overshadowing my demise.

I want to scream at the naysayers,
And walk on coals to burn the hell out of me
Because I'm sure heaven is here
I just haven't found it.
But I really know it's here,
Because it dances on my dreams,
Laughs in my face,
Crosses the bridges I've burned,
And on the day I jumped into a river and tried to drown
It gave me life in the soul of another.

Impossible made possible.

I tried to defy
And deny
The glory of love
But it found me.

Now I'm here as steadfast as the sun on a cold, dark day.
I'm broken and if you dare to admit it, so are you,
So let's pick up the pieces together,
Yours and mine, 
No difference.
We'll join the pieces of the puzzle
And solve the mysteries of our hearts.
It's an adventure
We were meant to embark upon.
And we can do it together the rest of the way
As we steal the clues from tomorrow, 
And continue to wonder what the hell we're doing here.

©2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash
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