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The clock starts ticking as soon as you're born,
The hour, the minute, and the seconds begin.
Is it a world of horror or of wonder?
A place to die or explore?

No worries, someone will tell you.
They'll jam you into their box
As fast as they can.
You should have ran
As fast as the gingerbread man.

They don't want you to thrive 
Outside their comfort zone.

No magic, no curiosities, no questions.

Time, time, time.
Do this, be that, go there.
No out of the box thinking allowed.

Tick-tock, get in the box.

The box of limited thinking.
Definitions, labels.
This is how you ought to be.
Don't believe different,
Don't think different,
And for god's sake don't ask any questions.

Do as you're told.


Who made the rule makers?
Some chaos called society?
It abhors and gores and sucks the life out of
The adventurers, magicians and rebels.

Tick-tock, time is running out, 
But no one gives a damn.

One day they'll say you're worthless,
When you've reached the age.

So why do we live in the box of conformity?
What's the point?
Other than misery loves company. 

But what if it could be different?


What if it isn't what it seems?
What if time is an illusion?
And numbers don't mean anything?
Count down, count up.

What if the boxers are wrong?
And the beliefs forming our reality
Can shift and change?
What if we can thrive and flourish
Simply with a different belief?
Like living out our own truth 
With radical self-love.

What if changing the world
Begins by climbing out of the box
And throwing the clock away?

Tick-tock, a mere memory.

©2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Tina Rataj-Berard on Unsplash
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  1. Wow Loly, I loved, loved this!! Three of my favorite topics – time, living one’s own life, conformity!!! Bellissimo, My Dear Bellissimo!!!

    You may enjoy reading my poem “Beyond The Gate”? I haven’t posted/published it yet – let me know

    You may also enjoy the movie – Logan’s Run – if you haven’t seen it yet
    Chuck 😊💕🌹

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