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Trip the light fantastic

You know 
When the sun comes up on some random morning
And throws its rays of light across the sky
As if it were trying to dance?
It's such a delight to partake in the sacred spin
When the sun requests your presence
At the universe's ballroom masquerade.

And you know
Sometimes when a bird sits in a tree
Singing a sweet melody 
And it seems like it's singing to you?
Or even if it's the caw of some vexing black crow
You'd like to zap white,
But you still listen as if you're in some secret game.

And you know 
On those rare occasions when you look at the night sky
And a star falls from the heavens?
And you wish, wish, and wish again
Before it simply disintegrates,
And you're mesmerized by the chance to wish upon a star
The one wish you've always wished.

And you know
When the wind blows and sways tall grasses
Making it look like an ocean of waves?
And you imagine a boat 
And lifting the sails to go anywhere,
Anywhere but where you are,
Somewhere where the magic of the wind carries you to a land unknown.

And you know
When you're lost in thought and the world doesn't seem right,
And you wonder what you're doing here?
I am too.
That's when you should surprise me,
Undue me, astonish me like no one has before.
Bewilder my soul without the inhibitions
Of time, space, or even what the world deems important,

Dance with me at the dawn of the morning.
Sing to me like a bird with a message for this game of life.
Be the star I'll wish upon.
Buy a boat and sail me to uncharted lands,
Like a pirate bound for treasures untold.
For the universe waits for the souls
Who go beyond the mundane and find the switch
To trip the light fantastic.

© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash
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