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Cover me

Cover me when the hot winds of hell blow over me
And try to burn my soul to the point of no recognition

Cover me when the cold winds freeze over hell
And attempt to turn my heart to a block of ice

Cover me when the sun falls 
And the sky goes dark

Cover me if you care
Cover me if you dare

Cover me with the blanket of your soul
Because you're something to warm and move me
When the world turns cold and heartless 

Make me believe their is hope 
When there is none

Dance like the wind I can't see
Swirl around me like a death defying vortex

Embrace me like the hot sun on a summer day
And melt my frozen heart

I can't wish enough for the blanket of you 
And I wish you knew those wishes
Those wishes for you
To cover me
And take me to a world unlike this

Show up
Undue me
Surprise me
Contrive and arise
Like the morning sun
When it tiptoes into the world
Again and again and again

Cover me with the light of your countenance 
Again and again and again

It is my wish

© 2022 Loly Rinn
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash
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