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Something like Oz

Sit here with me,
And I'll tell you my stories.
The ones that broke my heart, 
And will break yours too.

It's the dramas of a thousand years
Playing out in my lifetime,
And I'll never understand why
The show must go on, but it must.

I'm sure I dreamed of you,
When the stars fell and the moon went dark.
It goes like that for me,
When dreamers dream, and sinister souls speak.

I can wish to be somewhere else,
Anywhere but here is the goal,
But I'm here and I wonder about you,
Are you here or over there?

Then the whispers come and tell me things,
Like nothing no one would believe,
And they'd deem me insane if I told them
The secrets of undying souls.

Because truth is always stranger than fiction,
And I'll live there as long as I can,
Because I hate it here and wish,
I wish to be anywhere but here.

Yet, when the dawn rises,
My soul breaks and I understand,
That there's something about being here,
A reason beyond comprehension.

But I'm still wishing like Dorothy
To go back home to my Kansas.
Dreaming bigger than what is,
Putting on those ruby slippers.

This world escapes my comprehension
And causes my heart to drop,
Something like a bird falling from the sky,
Or a house falling on a witch.

I can wish and hope
That what I believe is true,
But maybe I'm the only one
Who believes in what Glinda the good witch said,

"You've always had the power my dear,
you just had to learn it for yourself."

© 2022 Loly Rinn
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