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Rocking the grave heart

You looked at me in this reality
Finally saw my broken soul
And quickly declared me ugly

Now you’re hoping to unsee me

You can’t see past
The cloak of shame
Or how I’m maimed

You liked it better when I faked my happiness
And put on those pretty dresses
Which I always hated

And I’ve hated the way
I’ve gone with you
Because I lost my spirit
And fought all these wars against my soul


And lo’ and behold, wouldn’t you know
But you don’t, you really don’t....

The greatest tragedy
And the greatest war
Have left me unable
To hide the wounds

I’m clawing at holes in the ground
But I don’t know if I want in or out

You wonder what’s wrong with me
Can’t stand to look at me
For what I am and have always been


You should have taken off your rose-colored glasses
A long time ago, decades ago
And left me standing in the rain

But I know you liked what you could use
You loved that sensual benefit

But I’m leaving, don’t you know
Because your apathy is cruel

Battered and tattered, I’m going to go
Whether I rock the grave or rise to glory
It doesn’t matter
One way or the other I’ll be free
And wear what I always wanted

My heart on my sleeve

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay 
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