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Taking myself to the river

I'm taking myself to the river
So don't give me that old time religion
Singing, "Shall we gather at the river?"
On some damn celestial shore where angels trod

I'm heading to the waters edge right here and now
I'll make a way and make it mine
And silence will reign in the waters force
When my spirit is pulled into the undertow

I don't care what flows by the throne of god
Or whether there is crystal tides or melodies of peace
I'm making my own tranquility here in this place 
And hell won't find me anymore

I doubt you believe I'm taking myself to the river
But I'm telling you I'm brave and unafraid
This god hasn't given a damn about me
Now I don't give a damn about anything

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash
Published inLatest Poetry

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