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Barren tree

As long as light does not shine on what is there
I can look into the dark corners and not hurt
But the light will shine and I will see

There stands a barren tree of yesterday's fall
A tree of undying dreams and hopes
But this can not be seen above
Because the roots are thriving deep in the ground
Making the tree so strong, ready to prosper

But it doesn't matter,
No one wants to love a barren tree,
No one wants to give the spring rain and sunlight

No givers of love want to come so it may flourish again
With the most beautiful, green leaves and silky blossoms
Bountifully given love it would give it's heart and soul
For the barren tree is a living tree of truth
Still, without the rain and sunlight it will stay planted

It's holding on to the dreams and hopes of what can be
Waiting for the day when the giver comes forth

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Mahrshi Bisani on Unsplash
From a personal anthology of bygone poetry
Published inBygone Poetry

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