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The clouds hang low
And the grayness envelopes me
Like cold ash in a dead fire.

I can't believe you left me,
So quick and unannounced.

Why didn't you warn me?
Prepare me? Help me?

You were my source of life,
My comfort on dark nights.

Now I'm left to battle against a world
That couldn't care less.

And no one is left to question me
Am I okay? How do I feel?
Where am I going? What I'm doing?
Truth be told, no one gives a shit. 

Did you have to go?
Did you have to break my heart?
Did we agree on this?
Because I feel betrayed.

I want to smash my heart
So I don't care anymore.
And I really don't know
How I'm still here
In this ashen existence.

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash
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