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Lost magic

The travesty of life
Is the mundane, the mediocre, 
The methodical workings of just another day.
Surviving and enduring,
Another day, another dollar,
Declaring this is the life, living the dream,
Concrete epitomes of wandering aimlessly, robotically.

You lost it, lost the magic
Of when the moon sings, 
And the stars dance.
You don't notice,
You don't even care,
That the sun rises up in revelation
To show you this amazing world.
Birds keep singing in melodies,
Hoping you'll harmonize,
But it's annoying chatter to you anymore.
It means nothing now, 
Because you lost the magic,
Lost the wonder of it all.
The wind blows to try to remind you
Of the time you flew kites,
And everything was magical.
It still is if you open your eyes,
Open your ears,
Open your heart,
And discover again the magic
That never has left
This playground called earth.

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash
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