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Remember this is you

I saw you standing in the light of the moon
With a star above your crown
But your head hung down in a solemn stance
Your eyes were dim and countenance sallow
And I knew you forgot who you were
So I dreamed and schemed
And I came up with a plan
To remind you of you

Tomorrow when the light of the sun breaks the dawn
I'll pull you out of your slumber
And whisk you away from the shadows
I'll hold you close and whisper

You are the light of a hundred supernovas
A thousand galaxies of stars
The breath of life
The essence of the wind
The power behind a surging river
You are not in the storm but are the storm
Shifting and changing the landscape
The strike of lightning
The sound of thunder
And yet the gentle flutter of a sparrow's wings
The sonnet of a willow tree in a breeze
The ripple of water across a peaceful lake
I'll dance with you to show you this

You're the movement behind a butterflies wings
The depth to a lion's roar
I see you in everything
How could you forget?
The earth has even tried to tell you
Don't you know?
The cracks of the desert floor are like your skin
The rivers flow like the blood in your veins
Your eyes are like the planets
You're made of stardust
There's crystals in your head
You are more than you know, my royal one
Remember? Remember this?
You were whispered into being
A fractal of the diamond source
The moon in it's revolution is thinking of you
And the sun beams in it's search for you
You are the force behind this dream
Remember this?
This is you

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Joe Pearson on Unsplash
Published inLatest Poetry

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