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Love like the wind

I'll love you like the wind
That picks up dust
And spins it into a vortex
Gaining momentum
Until it becomes destructive
But I swear the only thing
It'll destroy is my heart
Because it will take you 
On the ride of your life
Somewhere beyond
Out of sight
Out of mind
Yes, it will make you go 
Out of your mind

I'll love you like the wind
With a gentle touch 
Across your face
Unseen but unforgettable
Like sweet breezes 
Blowing through your hair
Softly and swiftly
Sweeping the fresh air
Into your breath
To revive you again
And leaving you wondering
What you did to deserve this
Gentle but mighty force
Blowing your mind

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash
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    Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer. Please read her outstanding work.

  2. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry. Good evening from Michigan.

      • I love your work. I would buy your book. Story or poetry. Dear Loly. You are wonderful and welcome.

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