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Hell sorrow

Depth of sorrow 
Surpassing sadness
Grief can not explain
Far more reaching
Knocked to the ground
Barely breathing
Nobody gets this
And I'm left alone
My heart is shattered
And all I can think of
Is this shitty human
Can I scream at you
And say, "Go to hell!"
You don't understand
You're lost in your drama
And I'm here crying
Baring my heart
Wanting a mere friend
And finding you don't
"So go to hell!"
I'll find a way
Nails in the dirt
Clawing my way 
Up this damn hill
Of absolute sorrow
Wishing I could die
But finding I can't
Let me reiterate
"Go to hell!"
I wanted you here
But you don't want to be
I swear you're heartless
So I'll thank the gods
I'm not like you
I actually feel pain
My sorrow is immense
But someday
So will be my laughter
Don't you dare come around
I won't need you then
"Just go to hell!"

© 2020 Loly Rinn
Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash
Published inLatest Poetry

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